Testing Skills

The Test Taking section of the Performance Pyramid was designed to provide information to parents, teachers, and students on the most effective ways to prepare for and take tests. In this section a definition can also be found, along with a checklist to assess individual test anxiety. This section also includes strategies to deal with test anxiety.


Tips for Parents and Students
This  section includes information for both parents and students regarding tests and test taking.  Included are links to help parents help their children prepare for and make the most of tests, links to resources helping students create and apply positive methods  for taking specific test formats, information on how to deal with test anxiety, and links to resources for additional test taking information.



Test Taking Tips for Teachers


This section provides teachers with explanations of the importance of test taking strategies, methods for assessing a student’s strategies, methods for teaching effective strategies, as well as information on helping students cope with test anxiety and how to create and modify tests for students with disabilities.


The Importance of Assessment in Early Childhood Education

This section is all about how important assessment is in a primary school setting. This page will help a person consider some aspects to assessment that they might not have thought of. Test Design will help teachers avoid common mistakes in designing their own tests and Common test formats will help teachers construct good tests that are valid and reliable (Validity and Reliability) by giving the adavantages and disadvantages of the common test formats. 



Emotionally Preparing Students for Testing

Students often get preapred for testing in the sense of gaining skills and knowledge how to pass academiclally. What is missing is the emotional aspect. Students need to be trained and ready to handle the pressure in a healthy to be able to perform their very best.  


Impact Of Technology and Test Taking Anxiety

Our research was created with students in mind who struggle to succeed when taking tests. The increased anxiety and stigma around test taking has turned testing (an important part of education) into a struggle and making students feel like they are unable to succeed academically.  


Teacher Testing and its Impact on Student Perfomance

This section provides knowledge about the kinds of testing and evaluations teachers have to go through. We took this data and looked if there was a correlation between teaching testing and studnet performance. This section also contains information on lisensure and the history of teacher testing in the United States.