Special Education

What is Special Education

  • The basic definition of special education.

Attention Deficit Disorder

  • The definition of attention deficit disorder, three different types and websites for additional information

Students with Severe Behavioral Disorders

  • The definition and a link to a website that provides information on ways to teach students with emotional and behavioral disorders.

    Also there are general classroom management/discipline practices to implement in the classroom as well as web resources with more information on behavior disorders. 

Intellectual and Developemental Disabilities

  • The definition, the different types of intellectual and development disabilities along with links to two different websites

Speech and Language Disorders

  • Speech and Language Disorders impact a person's ability to talk, understand, read and write. There are many different types and causes for Speech and Language Disorders.  To learn more about these disorders and ways to assist those who may be affected by one of these disorders, please click the link above. 

Inclusion in Classrooms: history, strategies, and pros and cons

  • The history, strategies, and pros and cons of inclusion in classrooms.

Visual Impairments

  • The definition and a website that serves as a resource for teens to help in their understanding of visual impairment disabilities. 

The Autism Spectrum

  • The definition and websites that provide information on different Autism disorders, The Center for Autism, and the media exposure of Autism.

Physical and Health Disabilities

  • The definition and various websites that address issues relating to physical and health disabilities like asthma and fetal alcohol syndrome. 

Severe and Multiple Disabilities

  • The definition, the characteristics of severe and multiple disabilities, and some facts. This page also have multiple websites that shed light onto the topic.

Gifted Students

  • Resources, information, and educational materials are made available to parents, teachers, and community members in order to better the education of gifted students. 


  • The definition, principles of effective inclusion and information on implementing the least restrictive environment within the classroom. Resources for parents and teachers are also provided within this section. 

Available Funding

  • This section includes of list of websites that provide more information on funding for special education. 

Differentiated Instruction

  • The definition, what differentiated instruction is and is not, the basics for managing a differentiated classroom and how to plan for this type of instruction. Two websites are also provided for more information on the topic. 

Bipolar Disorder

  • Information on the disorder and teaching tips. Great for parents and educators. 

 Service Dogs in the Classroom

  • This section shows the benefit that service dogs have for children with special needs as well as special education classrooms in general. 

Alternative Schooling - Summit Academy

  • For students with learning disabilities Summit Academy offers a specific program and schooling environment to help students learn at their maximum potential. 

Integrating Technology for Diverse Learners

 Technology has been around for a long time, but where did it begin and how far has it come? That is what we talk about in this section and also how it benefits instruction for children with special needs in the classroom.