Proficiency Tests

Proficiency tests are state mandated standardized assessments of each student's proficiency in content areas such as reading, writing, mathematics, science, and citizenship. Often these test are employed in high-stakes decisions such as grade retention or graduation.

The Ohio Graduation Test

  • This link provides information about the Ohio Graduation Test along with resources for the OGT and tips for first year educators getting ready for the OGT.

Item Analysis Skills

  • This section describes item analysis and provides resources and information to help teachers use item analysis effectively.

The Ohio Achievement Test

  • This section contains the answers to frequently asked questions by families and educators concerning the Ohio Achievement Test. Resources, a glossary of terms, testing vocabulary, and pre-test physical preparations are also provided.

The Third Grade Reading Guarantee

  • This section discusses the Third Grade Reading Guarantee policy and provides helpful resources for parents, teachers, and administrators. These resources deal with implementation, legislation, and additional tools connected to the Third Grade Reading Guarantee program. 

Standardized Testing and Accommodations for Special Learners

  • This section briefly discusses the history of standardized testing, accommodations, and how the tests have evolved into what they are today. Includes information on the AIMSweb test, STAR tests, the SAT, and the ACT.

A Comparative Review of Portfolio and Conventional Assessments

  • This section weighs the pros and cons of standardized testing versus portfolio assessment in the classroom.

 The Issues Relating to Standardized Testing, Particularly the PARCC Test

  • This section briefly discusses the history of standardized testing, with a focus on the PARCC test.