Middle Childhood Education

These links are for middle childhood educators to help improve their classrooms.


Professional Development

  • This section is devoted to helping teachers advance professionally.  It contains links to popular national associations, the Praxis, online tools, and other forms of professional development.

Classroom Management

  • This section offers tips to help teachers manage their classrooms in an efficient manner.  It provides information about the first day of school, rewards, and procedures as well as other resources to manage an effective classroom.

Pre- and First Year Teacher Information

  • This section gives beginning teachers numerous resources to help them advance professionally.  It provides information about Praxis, helpful information on the internet, and an abundance of other resources.

Developing an Effective Classroom

  • This section is devoted to helping teachers develop an effective classroom.  It addresses issues such as classroom design and stimulating ideas.  This section also offers ideas and discusses the importance of a positive attitude.


Urban Education

  • This section provides valuable information for administrators, teachers, and students in an urban educational setting.

High Risk Threats to Middle School Students

  • This section will offer information to students, educators, and parents on specific high risk behaviors that can affect a classroom.  It will provide information and resources to help identify, prevent, and treat these high risk behaviors.

Revisiting the First Day of School

  • What students desire and expect from teachers on the first day vs. what they are receiving.
  • Research developed by Kayti Quenneville in collaboration with Dr. Douglas Brooks. Data Analysis and Report by Kayti Quenneville.

Social Networking

  • This is a section aimed at helping parents. Educators can refer to this section of the site in order to point parents in the right direction. The section focuses on technological interactions students are having and the main issues surrounding those methods of communication.

Developing a Student's Interest in Language Arts...It is Possible

  • This section provides tips and suggestions for how to develop your students' interests in subjects like reading, writing, poetry, etc.

Motivation for Literacy

  • This section provides practical ways educators can motivate their students to become lifelong readers and writers.

Literacy for At-Risk Students

Pyschological Stress In The Middle School Setting

Sources of positive classroom self-concept

Integrating Reading and Social Studies

  • This section provides information about the importance of integrating Reading and Social Studies and some ways it can be integrated in a classroom that may not have Social Studies as a focus.
  • Also provided are some resources that will help in the integration and are easy tools to implement. They require a small amount of effort to use in class. 

 Personal Issues and Conflicts Reference Library

  • This section explains the concept of a Personal Issues and Conflicts Reference Library for Middle School students.  The purpose of the library is to contain books that are relevant to the issues that many students face. 
  • Also provided is a step-by-step presentation of how to create the library.


Developing an Aesthetic Reading Approach: What You Can Do

  • This section provides educators with the idea that academic reading is not the only way to read. It provides the definition of aesthetic reading but also provides resources in which educators can use to help teach literacy and develop better reading habits for their students. It's organized quite simply, but is a gateway to many resources which can help any educator understand the problems of teaching literacy in today's schools. 

The Benefits of a Bilingual Education and ELLs

  • This section describes the benefts of a bilingual approach to education for the English Language Learner while also providing valuable resources for teachers and parents.

Promoting Movement Through Classroom Furniture

  • This section explores the options and benefits of promoting movement through classroom furniture in the classroom. We will focus on standing desks and other pieces of furniture that can create a kinesthetic classroom. 

Use of Social Media in the Middle Grades

  • This section explores the positive and negative effects of using social media in the middle school classroom. Along with exploring these effects, this section focuses on student social media use, both in the classroom and out.

Implementing Multicultural Education Across Grade Levels

  • This page provides information about the purpose of incorporaitng multicultural education into teaching, as well as provides strategies across levels for doing so.

 Importance of After School Activities in Low Income Schools

  • This page explores the importance of after school activities and provides different resources for those looking to become involved with out-of-school experiences.