Learning Styles

Identifying Individual Learning Styles is intended to help teachers, parents, and students discover how each student learns best. In this section, you will find information on the nine multiple intelligences, cognitive learning styles, on-line learning style assessments, possible classroom scenarios, and additional resources such as online resources, book resources, and survey research

Multiple Intelligences

  • Learn more about Howard Gardner's 9 Multiple Intelligences and how to implement learning styles in the classroom.

Online Learning Assessments

  • Find out your learning style by taking one of these on-line surveys.

Cognitive and Additional Learning Strategies

  • This section contains information about concrete and abstract learners.


  • Resources for students, teachers and parents
  • A variety of websites and online book information
  • This link provides research supporting the importance of teaching to the different learning styles.

Cultural Information

  • Not only do learning styles influnce how we learn, but this link provides information about how our culture plays a role in our education also.

Assessments for Various Multiple Learning Intelligences


Gifted Children 

  • This link is a resource for you to be able to identify and understand gifted children and why we need to face the problem of underachievement. 

Yoga and Meditation in the Classroom

  • This link provides information and research regarding the effects of utilizing Yoga and meditiation within the classroom setting.