Instructional Design


Blended Learning

Educational Games in the Classroom

  • This section presents information regarding the use and effectiveness of educational games in the classroom. The primary focus of the research is upon digital educational games, although some information about traditional games is also present. The various benefits and drawbacks of games, particularly digital games, are explored, and tips for proper implementation of games are given. Additional, some resources are presented to provide readers with further guidance.


Understanding by Design

Inquiry Based Learning

Integrated Curricula

Patterns of Motivation

Technology in the Classroom

Technology Integration with iPads PreK-3

  • This section focuses on the integration of the iPad in the Pk-3 classroom. Incorporating technology into the classroom is crucial to implement due to the technological needs of the 21st century. Apps, interactive games, and online organizers are one way to integrate technology. Through the use of a LiveBinder, a form of online organization of classroom lesson plans, students, families, and professionals can collaborate to create effective lessons inside and outside the classroom.  

Responsive Classroom

ELL's and The Inclusive Classroom

The Achievement Gap Among Genders

This website explores the achievement gap among genders, what causes the achievement gap to be apparent between boys and girls and ways for classroom teachers to close this gap.