Early Childhood Education

Computer Science and Robotics in the Classroom

This page explains the importance of integrating computer science and robotics curriculum into K-12 education, provides a reivew of resources and products by current STEAM undergraduates who grew up exposed to computer science/robotics, and provides resources for professional development and grants in this arena.


Ohio Achievement Assessment (OAA) Focus: Ohio's Third Grade Guarantee

This page discusses Ohio's Third Grade Guarantee Law and how it identifies students who are behind in reading. It  also explains the importance of reading, and the affects of retention.


Early Literacy Summer Reading Intervention Programs

This page outlines the use of summer reading programs as a tool to advance and build upon early literacy skills. The page breaks down the structure and lists key components of a summer reading program.


Childhood Obesity and Kinesthetic Learning

This page discusses the issue of childhood obesity and its effects on classroom learning. It also explains kinesthetic learning as a possible prevention technique for childhood obesity. 


The Benefits of Fine Arts and Physical Education

This page discusses the benefits of exposing young children to music, art and physical education. Also gives resources on how you can implement them into your classroom.


Implementing an IEP for a General Education Classroom

This page will serve as a guide for pre-service or new teachers who want more information on writing and implementing IEP's in the general ed. classroom. 


S.T.E.A.M in the Early Childhood Classroom

 This page defines STEM/STEAM education and provides valuable information on how to apply concepts for ECE students.


Integrating Fine Arts in ECE Classrooms
This page discusses the benefits, statistics, and implementations of fine arts integration in classrooms. Resources and additional sites are provided.

ELL's and The Inclusive Classroom

This page provides ample information about English Language Learners in an inclusive early childhood classroom. Teachers, students, parents and many others will find helpful resources for ELL's. We provide a brief history of ELL's in the United States as well as various activities and strategies that will help to support these learners. 


Technology in the Early Childhood Classroom

This page discusses the Do's and Don'ts of technology integration in the Early Childhood Education classroom and provides links to resources for teachers to use in the classroom. 


Pre-K Early Learning Proposal


Pre-k Intervention Programs

This page discusses President Obama's plan for low to moderate income areas to receive funding for preschool education to educate young children before they enter kindergarten.  The president is also looking to provide funding for early childhood education.  


Project Based Learning in ECE Classrooms

This page defines Project Based Learning, discusses the benefits of Project Based Learning, and lists multiple resources and examples of how to implement Project Based Learning in the classroom. 


Importance of Play in the Early Childhood Classroom

This page explains the importance of play in the classroom. There are research-based explanations of what play is and how to implement it in classroom curriculum. There are many benefits to using play in the classroom and this page will explain why.


 Music and Movement in the ECE Classroom 

This page explains the importance of music and movement in early childhood classrooms.  You can find how to incorporate these things into a classroom and why they are important on this page.


Implementing Responsive Classroom Within the First Six Weeks of School

This pages showcases the strategies used in implementing Responsive Classroom in the first six weeks of school. You can also find an interview with a current teacher utilizing the Responsive Classroom approach in her Early Childhood Classroom.


Emerging Technologies and the Enhancement of Reading Skills in Lower Grades

This page explains and showcases the importance of diverse literacy strategies and technology usage within the classroom.  Teachers and parents can find useful resources to incorporate literacy and technology into their child's learning.  

 Assessment in Early Childhood Education

Butler County Services

Stress Reduction in Everyday School Culture

This page explains how stress affects the human body and the academic career of our students. It provides helpful identifiers and coping strategies for dealing with students who are stressed. 

Proactive Strategies in Early Childhood Education Classrooms that can Benefit Learners with or without Disabilities

This page provides a variety of techniques Early Childhood Education teachers can use for all students, for behavioral, academic, and social situations. Viewers are also given helpful resources to incorporate in their own classroom.

Comparative Systems for Teacher Evaluation

This page explores the similaraties and differences that exist between three of the most prominent teacher evaluation tools used in Ohio schools today: edTPA, RESA, and OTES. In addition to providing detailed information about each evaluation tool, this page also includes useful tip sheets and resources from real educators that discuss how to successfully undergo each form of evaluation, as well as a brief history of how teacher evaluation has evolved over the years throughout the United States.

Effects of Gender Roles: performancepyramid.miamioh.edu/node/1314

Components of Mindfulness in the Elementary Classroom

This page explains the benefits that mindfulness practices have on educators and students in the elementary setting. It provides ample mindfulness resources and mindfulness practices that teachers can access and implement in order to successfully incorporate mindfulness into their classrooms.

The Negative Effects of Behavior Charts

This page describes how the behavior charts that are used in Early Childhood classrooms can stunt student achievement, as well as describing alternatives to behavior charts such as tips to creating a responsive classroom to manage behavior in a caring community.


This page provides information about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act and the progress that has been made for special education for students with disabilities throughout the years. It also provides strategies and accomodations that teachers and educators can use to make their classroom inclusive for students with disabilities

Implementing Multicultural Education Across Grade Levels

This page provides information about the purpose of incorporaitng multicultural education into teaching, as well as provides strategies across levels for doing so. 

STEM Processes In Early Childhood Education

This page discusses STEM education in an Early Childhood setting. It explains what STEM is, how it enhances learning, implementation, and a list of supplies to get STEM Education started in your classroom. 

Differentiated Instruction in Reading and Math

This page discusses the history, benefits, implentation, and stratetiges of differentitation in Reading and Math in the Early Childhood setting. 

Peace Education in Early Childhood Education

This page discuss the impact of Peace Education on classroom achievement and student behavior.

Integrating Mindfulness Strategies into the Early Childhood Curriculum

Visiting this page will provide insight into mindfulness in the early childhood classroom and various strategies to implement it into the curriculum. 

Foreign Language Immersion Programs In Primary Grades This page give you an overview of what language immersion programs are. It also takes a look at the history and research that goes with language immersion programs.


The Impacts of Poverty on Early Childhood Experiences

This page discusses the effects of poverty on school aged children and strategies teachers can use to meet the needs of all students.

Give Peace Education a Chance

This page discusses the importance of the four pillars of peace education in early education and how they shape a child's skills, attitudes, and knowledge when it comes to conflict resolution and the promotion of peace in their adolescent years. 


Culturally Relevant Teaching in the Early Childhood Education Classroom  

This page discusses the importance of creating culturally relevant lessons in your classroom.  There is information provided to suggest ways to best incorporate these practices in your classroom.  

Yoga and Play in the Elementary Classroom

This page discusses the importance of implementing yoga in the elementary classroom and the positive effects it can have.