Content Standards

 The Standards for Learning Outcomes section is designed to help teachers and administrators gain access to all national and state standards. In this portion of the site, you will find links to state and national standards in the areas of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Technology, along with the standards for the Ohio Proficiency Test.

Standards for All States

  • This site presents objectives of Voluntary National Education Standards for all major subject areas.

Ohio Content Standards

  • This section provides links to Ohio Standards in various subject areas.


  • This NCTM site outlines the principles and standards for teaching math. Resources and methods are available to implement these standards.

Foreign Language

  • This site has links to state standards and American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language Standards, as well as other important information.

Technology Standards

  • This section shows teachers how to become proficient with technology, including some articles and updates.

Ohio Climate Standards

  • This section contains the Ohio Climate Guidelines for schools in Ohio and how to implement them.