Adolescent Education

The links below all have information regarding the education of adolescents:

Computer Science and Robotics in the Classroom

  • This page explains the importance of integrating computer science and robotics curriculum into K-12 education, provides a reivew of resources and products by current STEAM undergraduates who grew up exposed to computer science/robotics, and provides resources for professional development and grants in this arena.

Adolescent Problems

  • This section gives solutions and strategies for discipline in the Adolescent Education classroom.

Poverty In Education

  • This section explores the effect that poverty has on the classroom.

Prepartion for the First year

  • This section of the Adolescent Education section offers preparations and motivations for new
    teachers before the year arrives.


  • This section provides information about effective ways to teach science in an adolescent classroom.


  • This section gives information on using S.T.E.A.M. teaching practices in your classroom.

Integrating Speech Education into the Classroom 

  • This section was created for teachers, administrators, students, and parents in learning the importance of speech education.  It provides plentiful resources for teachers to integrate a speech course within a classroom or for a school to implement a speech course.  Learning to become a teacher, we feel that we are not adequately instructed on how to teach a speech course.  Not only did we create this webpage for you, but for us as well.  It is a work in progress because we learn each day. Enjoy!

Social and Peer Groups 

  • This section provides information about adolescent social groups for teachers, parents, and students including online resources, helpful tips, and books to read.

Urban Education 

  • This section provides valuable information for administrators, teachers, and students in an urban educational setting. 

Motivation for Literacy

  • This section provides information on how to motivate your students to continue reading at the highschool level. It offers practical resources for teachers.

Developing a Student's Interest in Language Arts...It is Possible

  • This section provides tips and suggestions for how to develop your students' interests in subjects like reading, writing, poetry, etc.

Secondary Reading Intervention Strategies

  • This section takes an in-depth look at reading intervention strategies for secondary level students of all reading abilities. It also contains valuable resources and ideas for pre-service and current teachers.

The Flipped Classroom

  • This webpage will present information on an alternative learning environment known as the Flipped Classroom model.

Integration of Vocational Schools in the High School Curriculum 

  • This page will shed light on the American vocational system and who it is integrated into the high school curriculum

Characteristics of the Learning Environment in Juvenile Justice Centers

  • This topic gives you an in-depth, first hand account of the learning environment and it's characteristics of the Butler County Juvenile Justice Center and centers across the United States. 

 Test Page

  • Test page for the pyramid

Social Studies Resources and Applications Through Technology

  • This page will provide a collection of technologies, games, apps, and resources to supplement the teaching of Social Studies. It also shows why history can apply to modern ideas and principles and how these technologies and resources can help show that connection. 

 Utilizing Film as a Text in the High School English Classroom

  • This page will provide various ideas and resources for seamlessly incorporating film in a high school English classroom. The purpose of this page is to show that Film can be used successfully as a text, just like any other medium used in high school english classrooms today. 

Implementing Multicultural Education Across Grade Levels

  • This page provides information about the purpose of incorporaitng multicultural education into teaching, as well as provides strategies across levels for doing so.

Instructional Strategies for Teaching Controversial Topics

  • This page contains various information about controversial topics that are taught in a high school Social Studies classroom.  

 Inclusion of Refugee Students into the Classroom

  • The purpose of this page is to provide educators with relevant background information about the world's current refugee crisis and give resources to easily create and foster a welcoming environment for students who come from a migrant or refugee background. On this page, there contains statistics from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees along with teaching resources provided by the organization itself. Finally, there are lists of ways to help create an inclusive environment and supplemental tools.

Strategies for Assessment: Points-Based Grading and an Alternative

  • This page contains information related to the assessment strategies known as points-based and standards-based grading.