Why are Test Taking Skills Important

Why are test-taking skills important?
Test taking skills are very important tools for both the student and teacher. Teachers need to know that students have good test taking skills so that teachers know that their classroom tests are valid. For example, if a teacher doesn't know anything about how their students take tests, they could be measuring test-taking ability rather then subject content. For example:
Bob and Mark both take a history test. Bob receives a 70% on the test. Mark receives a 90%. The teacher would assume that Mark knows more about history than Bob does. However, what could be happening is that Bob doesn't have very good test-taking skills and Mark is very competent at taking tests. It is possible that Bob simply has trouble taking the information learned in class and applying it to the test context.  All students can benefit from learning test taking skills. Plus, wouldn't it be more rewarding to see all of your students earn more success? Test-taking skills not only help students achieve in the classroom, but are applicable skills in college and the workforce.