Test Taking Tips for Teachers


Having a successful strategy for taking a test can be the difference between a student passing and failing. This section outlines for teachers the importance of making sure that their students have been given to the tools to succeed during assessments.
In addition to effective teaching, teachers can help to ensure their student’s success by making sure that their student’s are confident and comfortable in their testing environment. From familiarizing the students with the testing format, to encouraging proper rest diet, this section provides teachers with tips on how to give their students every chance to perform well.
All teachers are familiar with methods of assessing their student’s content knowledge. Assessing their student’s test taking strategies, on the other hand, can prove to be far more difficult. This section provides teachers with methods and strategies for determining exactly what it is that their students are having difficulty on when taking tests.
Anxiety over performance on a test can be debilitating for students. This section provides teachers with information on how to do their best to alleviate the symptoms of test anxiety and better assess what their students have truly learned.
This section provides instructors with various methods to differentiate forms of assessment so that students with disabilities may be equitably evaluated over class materials.

Lesson Plan Ideas For Test Prep

This section provides instructors with lesson plan ideas for helping students develop their test-taking skills.