Test Taking Resources


Included below are a number of books and online resources for test taking strategies.
Scruggs, Thomas E. and Mastropieri, Margo A. Test Taking Skills. Brookline Books, 1992.
  • This was a very useful resource and I recommend this book to anyone interested in improving the test-taking skills of their students.
  • Provided by the U.S. Department of Education, this website gives information for parents about why testing is important and how to help students achieve their best.
  • Provided by Bucks County Community College, this website provides good ideas about how to stay on task during the school year so testing isn't so stressful and provides good study tips.
  • Provided by the University of Minnesota, Duluth, this website is aimed for incoming college students.
  • This website is applicable for both high school and college students, and is also useful for parents. Note-taking skills and study-skills are also addressed, and a separate section is devoted to cramming.