Quick Tips for Specific Test Formats

Essay Tests: Remember S-N-O-W
Study the question
·   Recognize command words and focus on what the question is asking and demanding of the student.
Note important points
·   Quickly jot down information and facts that come to mind immediately.
Organize the information
·   Organize the information according to importance and logical order.
Write directly to the point of the question
·   Answer the question directly in the first sentence or two and use the rest of your essay to defend and support your response.
Multiple Choice Tests

·   Think of what the answer might be before reading the answer choices.
·   Carefully consider all choices.
·   Use elimination strategies.
·   Consider "specific determiners" and "stem options" (see test-taking skills test for examples).
Fill in the Blank Tests
·   Guess if you are unsure. You may receive partial credit even if you don't give the exact expected response.
·   Use partial knowledge. Use clues and information in the sentence to help you complete the phrase.
·   Re-read the sentence with your answer in the blank and make sure it still makes sense.
Oral Tests
  • Great for foreign language classes, as well as any other presentation/oral assessment, this website provides students with tips on how to take oral exams.
Multiple Choice Tests
  • Often the favorite of standardized tests, multiple-choice formats can frequently be frustrating for students.  This website provides a list of tips to help students select the correct choice from their multiple options.
Essay Tests
  • Many high school students find the free response of essay test formats daunting.  However, by following this set of tips students are sure to be writing winning responses in no time.