Solving the Problem: School Shootings

Problem: School Shootings

The number of school shootings is on the rise and with the most recent school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, we look into the problem of school shootings. 

Cause: Profile of an Active Shooter

The resources in this section describe common traits found in active shooters, a webinar that can help the public understand how important it is to have an emergency plan and an overview of a course about active shooters and what you can do about it. 

Solutions: Any ideas?

We list the 10 most popular suggestions to help solve the problems that are thought to cause school shootings. 

Local Changes: Can the problem be fixed?

There are many districts in Butler County that are looking at making changes to secure the LIVES of their students.  Talawanda is adopting the ALICE procedure.  Previously before Sandy Hook many schools did the “lockdown” procedure.  Now they are rethinking and going to a more offensive philosophy.   


Education about school shootings is important. We need to take school safety personally and really focus on developing  a plan and being prepared. It may be up to you to take action!