Tips for Parents and Students

Tips for Parents

In this section parents will find an introduction to high stakes testing, methods for helping their students prepare, questions to ask the schools pertaining to the tests being taken, as well as suggestions for helping students succeed on tests.


Quick Tips for Specific Test Formats

Whether taking a multiple choice, essay, fill in the blank, oral, or any other type of test, there are specific methods that will increase a students chance for success.  This section includes tips for several different test formats, as well as sample test items.


General Test Taking Tips

In this section you will find links to web sites providing some general tips regarding how to best prepare yourself, and go about taking a test.



Test Anxiety

Test anxiety is a serious problem facing students that can significantly affect test scores negatively, regardless of a student’s content knowledge.  This section contains links to sites to help students identify and manage their test anxiety.



Test Taking Resources

This section contains additional links to websites containing information regarding how to prepare for and do well on tests.



Note Taking and Study Tips

While there are many different test taking tips and strategies that will increase the opportunity to demonstrate what a student knows while taking a test.  There is no substitue for test readiness and knowing the material.  This section provides students with tips for taking notes in class as well as strategies for how to study most effectively.