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Community Learning Centers









Community learning centers are programs created to help provide academic enrichment opportunities for children living in high poverty and low performing schools. (U.S. Dept. of Education)


The overall goal of community learning centers is to support student achievement, revitalize neighborhoods, and maximize the communities return on its investment in public schools. Effective and strong schools rely heavily on community support, these learning centers set out to give back and support the community with the aims of that support being put back into the school systems. Communities and schools function in a mutual partnership, building one in theory will benefit the other. 


Community learning centers are a relatively new concept but are on the rise. Currently they are primarily located in densely populated low socioeconomic areas. Many larger cities in the US are adopting these programs to help in the strengthening of communities and the education of our nation's youth. 


Community learning centers are overall effective. Many studies have been conducted and analyzed with the overall consensus that community learning centers truly benefit both student learning in schools and the greater community at large.