Technology Integration with iPads PreK-3

Through this course, we have compiled all of our research on a LiveBinder. A LiveBinder is a virtual binder that allows you to share with others working on a similar project. We utilized our LiveBinder to not only work together from separate areas during Student Teaching, but also to create a space where you can select the apps from an iPad or another computer to view and interact with our collection of apps and valuable information on the integration of technology in the early childhood classroom.



View our LiveBinder at this link:


Advantages to LiveBinder:

  • Access from iPad, other tablets, laptops, computers
  • Ability to share and add onto other binders
  • Going GREEN!
  • Easy to edit
  • Oppurtunity to hide your binder while you are working on it or to hide from others 

Please watch the tutorial below to set up your LiveBinder!

Embedded Video: