ODE/OBOR Licensure Information and College Resources


Affordable Colleges Online is a comprehensive online resource dedicated to finding affordable higher education options for students, with extensive financial aid and student resources. The guide features a search tool which allows students in Ohio to search programs by subject, degree level, cost, and more. The page has also been updated with a new ranking of the best not-for-profit online colleges -- two- and four-year -- in the state for the 2015-16 school year.


If you are interested in an online program in Ohio this resource is for you.  It lists the most afforable online programs at non-profit colleges in the state of Ohio.  You can also search in other states or by major.


The Ohio Deparment of Education and The Ohio Board of Regents webpage.  Here preservice teachers will be able to find information of various topics including liscensure, and resident educator programs.


College resources listed by state. Information on financial aid, admissions, special programs, etc.