Teacher Freebies

 Teachers often have many out of pocket expenditures throughout the year. Below are several links to help save time and money.


Free Resources and Materials for the Classroom

Crayons to Computers

Crayons to Computers is a free store for teachers of needy students in the greater Cincinnati area.   Once every three weeks the eligible schools are able to fill one bascart for free!  Each eligible school is given an assigned shopping week (A, B or C) in the shopping rotation.  The schools will be able to shop once every three weeks.  Shoppers are required to write thank you notes to the donors helping the service receive more donations.  Also, other Tri-State teachers may earn a shopping trip by volunteering 3 hours for C2C. 

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
This website is a part of the department of education website and provides in-depth lesson plans including activities, lesson plans, interactive resources and maps and graphs  organized specifically by subject and content area.

Want to make exemplary rubrics in a short amount of time? Try RubiStar out! Registered users can save and edit rubrics online. You can access them from home, school, or on the road. Registration and use of this tool is free, so click the Register link in the login area to the right to get started now.


Lesson Plans and Thematic Units

Discovery School

This website is supported by the Discovery Channel and contains links to lesson plans, teaching tools, and homework helpers. It provides categorized lesson plans pertaining to specific subjects and provides resources for integrating the classroom curriculum. The lesson plans are separated in to three categories: k-5, 6-8 and 9-12. After choosing the appropriate grade level then you can choose a topic. The topic options consist of the basis subjects, but include other more specific subject areas such as Ancient History, Contemporary Studies and Weather.

Contains links for educational topics and lesson plans in all subject areas. The lesson plans are specialized to state and/ or national standards. There are also links that provide information for lessons of thematic units.
Not only does the website provide lesson plans, but it can be utilized as an educational directory that provides resources and links to information on a variety of educational topics.

Education Place
This website is supported by Houghton Mufflin Publishing and provides textbook support along with activities and lesson plans to go along with the textbook stories. There are also links to professional development websites that provide information a variety of topics. 

Educator’s Reference Desk
Provides lesson plans sorted by grade, subject and topic within the subject. This website also provides contact information for the person who submitted the lesson plan to allow for discussion or questions about implementation in the classroom. 
Along with providing educators a resource for lesson plans this website also serves as a resource for other areas of the education field. Educators can read articles on alternative assessment, school, safety, employment, counseling, and much more.

The Lesson Plans Page
The lesson plans provided on this website are broken down by grade level, subject and topic. Mini lesson plans are also included. Educators can also learn about how to integrate technology into the classroom by clicking on the computer and technology link.

The Teacher's Corner
The Teacher’s Corner includes lesson plans divided by subject and topic it also has a link to thematic unit ideas and seasonal lesson plans as well. Other resources provided on the website are bulletin boards, printable worksheets, teaching jobs, etc.

Ohio's Instructional Management System - This web resource from ODE includes content standards and model curricula. Good resource for sample standards-based lesson plans and strategies for creating standards-based instruction. It also includes information for linking standards to education and tools for evaluating current practices.

Family Education
This internet resource contains thousands of printable documents that can be used for classroom centers or morning work. It also provides activities for specific text and or picture books that can further elaborate a theme or an integrated unit within the classroom. Documents on this website are beneficial for the classroom, but can also be useful in the student’s; for example: homework checklists, homework behavior plans, etc.


This website is the George Lucas foundation for education and has a lot of great resources that lead to better lesson plans, as well as better communication and organization in the classroom.  This resource for teachers will not only further your understanding, but remind you that there are tons of resources out there and at our finger tips, there are no reasons to say there isn't enough.


Teacher Discounts (Personal and Professional)

Academic Superstore

AS offers products that can be used in the classroom at great, discounted prices.  This website offers a wide variety of products and you should be able to find anything you need.

Barnes & Nobles
Offers a 20% discount off the list price of hardbacks and 15% off that of soft cover books. Other non-sale items may also be bought at a discount. According to customer service you will need to ask for details at your school.

Dell Computers
Dell does not offer the largest disounts, but they still offer some discounts.  You can receive 2-4% off computer systems and you can receive discounts on software and other items.  Contact dell for details, but be aware you will need your school identification number and name to receive the discount.

National Science Teachers Association
Sponsored by the National Science Teachers Association and the FDA for Middle and High School students. Curriculum Science Kit and Our Food Supply
Software Express
You can receive discounts of up to 75% on products.  Browse the website and talk to an employee to see what you can get discounted.  A valid faculty ID or letter from the principal with a proper ID are necessary to receive the discount.