Lesson Plans for Promoting Social Justice and Equality in the Classroom

*Most lesson plans have been intended for grades 5 and up; some lesson plans may be adapted to suit other grade levels.

1. "Who Am I?" Lesson Plan From: Advocates for Youth


  • This lesson plan provides an opportunity for students to begin thinking about their "own identities and how discrimination and privilege affect their life." The lesson also comes with a handout.

2. "Find Someone Who..." Lesson Plan From: Advocates for Youth



  • This lesson plan focuses on introducing students to each other in a way they may not normally be introduced, this is a great lesson to use on the first day of school, or even toward the beginning of the school year when the educator has recognized which students socialize with which and is better able to split up these groups to interact with others.

3. "Addressing Discrimination" Lesson Plan From: Advocates of Youth



  • Another great one from Advocates for Youth. This lesson helps students "learn how discrimination feels and to identify strategies for combating it." Begins with discussion questions.

4. "Cliques, Friendship Groups, or Boxes?" Lesson Plan From: PBS



  • This is a lesson that helps students identify social groups and weigh the negatives and positives as well as "helps students to explore the social 'boxes' they put themselves in or are put in by others and focus on how they judge one another."

5. "Stop Bullying...Take A Stand!" Lesson Plan From: PBS



  • This lesson plan is a program discussion guide with tips on preventing bullying in the classroom, creating a comfortable environment in the halls and in classes. The lesson helps students understand that everyone is accountable.

6. "Cliques: Behind the Labels" Lesson Plan From: PBS



  • This lesson provides students with "video clips and explores questions on social cliques, identity, gender roles, and other related concepts." The educator must have a computer assessable with an overhead so that all students are able to watch the video clips from the computer, otherwise the lesson will not work.

7. "Teaching Guide: Friendships" Lesson Plan From: Good Character.com



  • Lesson plan is discussion based with questions to help students think about their friendships and to list the characteristics of a good friend. There is also a video companion, but it isn't necessary for the implementation of the lesson.

For more lesson plans please check these websites:

1. http://www.lessonplanspage.com

2. http://edsitement.neh.gov/

3. http://www.pbs.org/inthemix/