Classroom Management Helps

1. "School Connectedness and Bullying Prevention"

  • This is a power point presentation that outlines how to acheive school connectedness by understanding social groups and cliques. The focus is on utlizing classroom management and the school community to prevent dangerous cliques and bullying.  Includes a very in-depth description on discipline practices and activities that educators can participate in to facilitate development of positive social characteristics in their students.

2. "Peer Networks, Behavior Contingencies and Children's Engagement in the Classroom"

  • A journal article about the relationship between group behavior influences on individual members of the group, how they behave and why. The study shows that "influences from friends can lead to increasing similarity in behavior, and that discussions can produce such convergence."

3. "Responsible Classroom Management: Building a Democratic Learning Community"

  • This is an article about the importance of classroom management and its role in effective teaching. Provided in this article are tips to prevent classroom discipline problems and information on facilitative leadership for teachers as well as a description of what the teachers role should be.

4. "IMing, Text Messaging and Adolescent Social Networks"

  • An article based on the role technology now plays in social groups and in the lives of adolescents, even through out the school day. This article describes a study done on the effects of communication through technology on offline social groups, whether they help or hurt situations.