What Parents Can Do About Their Children and Social Groups

A large part of an adolescent's development socially can come from the home. It's important that parents understand being involved in their children's lives, knowing who they are socializing with, and what social groups there are in the school can help their child better prepare to socially be comfortable in school. 

Tips for Talking With Your Kids About Social Groups and Other Tough Issues:

According to Talk With Your Kids Website  http://www.talkingwithkids.org/ 

Tips for Parents: 

1. Develop open communication. 

2. Encourage your children to talk it out. 

3. Work on building self-esteem and provide children with positive role models. 

4. Acknowledge your children's fears and reassure them of their safety. 

5. Take a stand. 

6. Set limits regarding children's actions toward others. 

7. Hold family meetings. 

8. Talk about gangs and cliques. 

9. Talk to other parents.