Integrating Speech Education into the Classroom

Instructional Methods

Just as you will instruct your students to use various forms of speech when communicating with their audience, you as the instructor will use various instructional methods.

After School Activities

After school activities provide an opportunity for students to utilize the skills they acquire in speech class outside the classroom.  Through the following activities students are required to communicate with others in competitive atmospheres and in ways that entertain; all of the communication requires students to be prepared and confident in their methods of speech.

Types of Student Speeches

The various types of speeches allow students to be creative and also to appeal to a wide range of audiences.  Speaking will be an important skill as a student proceeds to higher education and later in searching for a career.

Speech and Communication Standards 

These standards, benchmarks and indicators are strictly for a speech lesson plan.
In Class Activities

This section incorporates different varieties of speech lesson plans that will be helpful in the classroom environment.

Assessment and Rubrics

Here are some examples of ways to assess in-class presentations/speeches.

Building Curriculum

This section provides tips, objectives, and theories of learning and instruction to help build a curriculum.