Value Added in Ohio Schools

The Official Ohio Department of Education Value-Added Guide


“Value-Added” is an initiative driven by recent changes in Federal No Child Left Behind legislation and recent State of Ohio legislation that is affecting Ohio schools. The Ohio Department of Education is gearing up for a push in this area. What “Value-Added” means is that instead of using the changes in classes of students on performance tests, the unit of analysis will become the student. Individual student academic performance will be tracked across years. Value-Added is the fourth component of Ohio’s accountability system that measures growth or improvement over a period of time to determine the "value" gained by a student during that time period


Cincinnati Enquirer Article DOC (File 49.5 KB)
  - No Child Rules Loosened: Feds Respond to Teachers’ Concerns


Springfield Schools Utilizes Value-Added December 10, 2007
- Springfield News-Sun Article


Legislation that charges teacher education with creating a value added capacity in its curriculum
  - October 24, 2005 Ohio Legislative Service Commission