Secondary Reading Intervention Strategies

Many students struggle with reading throughout their academic careers.  It is our job as educators to provide them with support and strategies to aid in furthering their Language Arts education.  Even students who don't struggle with reading find use in reading strategies and the depth that these strategies bring to their comprehension. The following section is intended to provide strategies for all reading levels to help in furthering students' reading skills.

 Why Reading Strategies?

  • A rationale for the use of secondary reading intervention strategies and their importance.

Differentiating Reading Strategies

  • Reading strategies are useful for any reading level. Here, we preview three levels of reader that may be in your classroom.

Reading Intervention Strategies

  • In this section, you will find links to all of our different reading intervention strategies.

Reading Expert Interview

  • Read our interview with Dr. Alan Frager of Miami University's Teacher Education department to gain insight into his specialized knowledge of reading strategies.


  • A list of the works we quoted, visited, or used in the making of this page.