Prepartion for the First year

Preparation for the First Year 

What to Expect Your First Year of Teaching

A very comprehensive look into a teacher's first year in the classroom. This is a very helpful article that, when read prior to the first year, will make the year more manageable and the teacher more effective. Included in the articles are current-practicing teachers offering their insight on the first year in the classroom.           

Collection of Advice

This is a collection of advice from veteran teachers to first year teachers. The advice is not only good in showing what to do and not to do in the first year, but also, motivates the first-year teacher by showing it is a manageable job.

Ask Not What Your School Can Do For You, But What You Can Do For You
This article is from Classroom Leadership Online, which gives suggestions for first-year teachers. Three main topics are discussed—being proactive, what to do in the classroom and facing the fear of being a new teacher. This is a shorter article, but a solid foundation for starting the first year.

Planning for Your First Day of School
This document gives actual hints and ideas that can be immediately implemented in the classroom. The first day of teaching may be the scariest, so any ways on how to make that smoother is very important.