Using Web Quests

 Using Webquests

A webquest is a form of inquiry-based learning.  Webquests are becoming more and more popular in the classroom, because they allow for student learning and growth while giving them boundaries to work within while using the internet.  Webquests allow for the internet to be used in safe and timely way, because information is being drawn from previously chosen sources instead of an infinite amount of sites.
The following websites have been chosen and reviewed for relevant information.  There are many examples that can be used for inspiration or in a classroom.
This website has been designed by Bernie Dodge at the
University of San Diego to assist in the use of webquests.  There are posts, forums, and articles about webquests, how they have been used and how they are growing around the world.  It provides you with examples of how you can incorporate webquests into your classroom and training opportunities for using and creating various types of webquests.
This website is very beneficial in assisting a teacher in using websites in their classroom.  It provides them with much of the information needed for a novice to learn how to use and create a webquest.
Points of Interest:
- Training Materials: In this section, there are many links that lead to other websites which provide information, or steps of creating a webquest for your classroom.  It also provides information on how to find quality websites to include in your webquest.  There are templates that can be used for creating a website.  It also provides the user with valuable information about what is to be included in a webquest.
- Examples: This section allows you to search by subject and grade level for webquests that can be used or viewed for inspiration.  
- QuestGarden: This section provides opportunities to quickly create high quality webquests.  They offer a 30 day trial period, or a subscription.

This website provides necessary information to create a webquest.  It also gives reasons why webquests are beneficial and why they should be used.  Also, it provides all of the necessary components for creating and using a webquest.
Points of Interest:
- The Design Process: This section provides you with all of the necessary steps and information that should be included in your webquest.  It walks you through step by step what needs to be included to make a high quality webquest.

- Share It!: This section provides you with a link that will take you to a website that allows you to submit your webquest to be posted and shared with other educators.

This website is very beneficial if you are looking for a webquest for a particular subject.  They are organized by subject and grade level so it is easy to find a webquest that is appropriate for you.