High Risk Threats to Middle School Students

These sites are dedicated to helping students, educators, and parents on the following behaviors. 

Single Parent Families 

  • These websites contain information and resources to help single parent families.  


  • Information and resources to inform you on poverty.


  • Numerous websites supply valuable information on suicide.


  • Helpful websites on middle age students and drug abuse.


  • Websites for parents, educators, and students addressing divorce related issues.

Domestic Violence

  • What is domestic violence?  These websites tell all the information needed.

Child Abuse and Neglect 

  • This section offers a wide variety of information about child abuse including: how child abuse is defined and the different types of child abuse that occur, the statistics about child abuse today, how abuse can affect middle school students, the warning signs teachers can look for in their students, how to report and approach child abuse cases, some resources teachers can use to help a child that is being abused, and a list of useful websites that offer all kinds of information pertaining to child abuse.