"The number one problem in the classroom is not discipline; it is the lack of procedures and routines"     -Harry Wong

According to Harry Wong, discipline is only a small part of classroom management. The bigger issue is procedures. A smooth running class is the result of a teacher's ability to teach procedures to the students. Teachers should decide on what classroom procedures there will be and then take a three-step approach to teaching those procedures to students.

1. Explain - state, clarify, model and demonstrate the procedures.           
2. Rehearse - prepare and practice the procedure. Have students practice the procedure.
3. Reinforce - re-teach, rehearse, practice and reinforce until procedures become habit or routine for students.

In his book, The First Days of School, Harry Wong lists many different procedures and scenarios.
Procedures need to be implemented for some of the following areas:


  • Organizing the environment.
  • Managing students' behavior.
  • Creating a respectful, supportive learning environment.
  • Managing and facilitating instruction.
  • Promote classroom safety and wellness.

Procedures should help students to feel physically and emotionally safe.

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