Pyschological Stress In The Middle School Setting


Transitioning into middle school can be very difficult for adolescents and during this time there seems to be a alarmingly growing trend in the amount of suicides, bullying, and victimization that is taking place.  As a result majority of students are starting to experience psychological issues especially in the middle school setting.  During this time, many students' grades drop dramatically, they become less interested in school, and tend to have low self-esteem.  Therefore, it is pertinent that teachers and school personnel, parents, and peers provide support to adolescents in an effort to prevent these psychological issues that are becoming more prevalent over time.  For our contribution, we chose to focus mainly on the social aspects of the middle school that ultimately cause psychological issues in adolescents.

Problems That Arise In The Middle School

Psychological Effects of Middle School Issues

Importance of Parent, Adult, and Peer Support

Ways Teachers and Schools Can Help