Here is a wide variety of resources that may be useful if you would like to find out more on multiple intelligence.

Online Resources for Learning Styles

  • These resources appeal to teachers, parents, and students as tools and strategies to discover and implement the varied learning styles at home and in the classroom. The resources provided include sample lesson plans, awareness tools, and ideas for modification.

Book Resources

  • This offers useful book titles along with a summary of each book.

Information about Learning Styles and Learning Disabilities

  • Not only does this website contain up to date information about Learning Styles, it also contains helpful information about learning disabilities. A Bulletin Board and Chat Room is also available.

Helping Parents Understand Learning Styles

  • This is a great website for teachers to recommend to parents who want to better understand their child's learning style. There are ideas for all of the different learning styles that parents can do at home with their child, as well as a couple of book suggestions from a parent. The ideas and suggestions might also be ones that a teacher can use in their classroom. 

 Information about Learning Styles and Learning Disabilities

  • This is a very informative web site. This page actually contains links to over 50 web sites related to the topic of Individual Learning Styles. There is a wide range of topics to choose from as well as more links to Learning Style assessments.