A definition of the multicultural classroom, why multiculturalism is important, and how to make a classroom diverse.
Guide to understanding prejudice, now and in the past, as well as offered teaching strategies for promoting diversity and tolerance.  
A website especially for those teaching multicultural education including a special link for teachers!
This is a list of free, web-available resources for parents, with content ranging from how to work with teachers to make learning diverse and meaningful, to how to help increase success in the classroom for their children
Book Lists 
  • A place to find or submit great multicultural books.
  • A good site for help on finding books for teaching multiculturalism in your classroom.
  • A webguide to what's new in reading and learning about multiculturalism.
  • This includes discussion boards, quick references and other links about authors, stories and reader's theatre.
Compiled tips from experts, lesson plan ideas and ready-to-go activities that speak to
the backgrounds of all your students.