School Violence and Conflict Resolution

School Violence and Conflict Resolution

What is School Violence?
School Violence- any form of violent activity that occurs in or on school premises.  This includes: bullying, physical abuse, verbal abuse, drugs, etc. Bullying and Physical Abuse are the most common.
What is Conflict Resolution?
Conflict Resolution- a way for two or more parties to come to a peaceful resolution to a disagreement.
 Three Influences to why violence is occurring
  • Changing patterns of family and community life
  • How society has redefined violence as normal and acceptable
  • Easier access to weapons and drugs


Violent deaths that occurred on school grounds (2011-2012)
·       45 violent deaths occurred in elementary or secondary schools in the U.S.
·       26 were homicides
·       14 were suicides
·       5 were legal intervention
2011-2012 school year in the U.S.
·          9% of teachers were threatened with violence/harm
·          3% of students ages 12-17 had fear of attack or harm during school or on school grounds
School Violent Crime: Incidence and Locale Code, 2009-10

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Options for Prevention

    Education for students on consequences for violence or weapons in the school



    Teach students that conflict is normal and will occur and the proper ways to deal with situations that arise

 Encourage positive behavior instead of negative- be conflict positive

Partnerships with the community for support

Anger management for those students who need reinforcement       

Weapons hotline that pays students who report weapons on school grounds

Protection and management of anonymity for those who report concerning behavior or items on school grounds

Prevention programs


Resources violence prevention tips
The National Center for Education Services statistics
The Peace Center- Project Peace for Schools
David W. Johnson & Roger T. Johnson, Reducing School Violence Through Conflict Resolution, Aug, 1995, pages 2-56