Ohio Climate Standards

 These guidelines for Ohio schools were created to help establish positive climates for learning in the classroom.

Guideline 1
Operational Principles for Local Schools that are Grounded in Best Practices for Academic Achievement and are Espoused by the Community Procedure System Effectiveness

Guideline 2
School-Community Partnerships Enable the Provision of Comprehensive Services for Students and Staff

Guideline 3
Regular, thorough Assessment and Evaluation Result in Continuous Improvement

Guideline 4
High-Quality Staff Development and Administrative Support Leads to Effective Program Implementation

Guideline 5
Addressing Real and Perceived Threats to Safety and Security Enables Students to Focus on Learning and Teachers to Focus on Instruction

Guideline 6
A Student's Sense of "Belonging" in the Classroom Encourages Classroom Participation, Positive Interactions and Good Study Habits

Guideline 7
Engagement of Parents and Families in School-Home Learning Partnerships Maximizes the Potential for Effective Instruction and Student Learning

Guideline 8
Youth Engagement in Forming School Policy and Procedure Integrates an Essential Perspective into Proposed Solutions

Guideline 9
High-Quality Food Service Supports Improvements in Academic Performance and Behavior