Concrete Steps to Impliment

 5 Ways to Prepare in the Classroom

1. Sweet Treat Review: quick and highly motivating review sessions, three questions and students write their answers on a paper with their names.  Then students place paper in bucket.  Select 3 correct answers out of the bucket and reward with candy.


2. Money Motivator: While reviewing test prep, if a student answers the question correctly, write $100 dollars next to the question.  At the end of the review, students add up their “pretend money”.  This is an excellent motivator and makes the students realize that the tests aren’t so threatening.  


3. Read a book that emphasizes that although the test scores get a lot of emphasis, those scores don’t reflect the type of person they are.


4. Pretest stretching and relaxation breathing


5. Give a balloon to keep in their pocket that they can feel during the test to know the celebration of their hard work on the test isn’t too far away.





Parent Tips for Supporting Students

On test day:
Get a good night’s sleep and healthy breakfast!

Remain positive for your child.  If you stay calm, he or she will stay calm.  Help the child practice relaxation techniques.

After the test:

Review test with your child about any parts she did not understand and use their victories as a an opportunity to encourage.