What is emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is the ability of the human brain to utilize and process emotional information accurately and appropriately. In an early childhood setting, this means a few different skills for students. One obvious use of emotional intelligence comes into play in social settings when interacting with peers. Students who are emotionally intelligent are able to interpret emotions from their peers and respond according, adjusting to different situation and different emotions. Another huge aspect of emotional intelligence takes place in academic settings. Students need to understand how to appropriately deal with emotions that might impede on their ability to learn or perform. By having emotional intelligence, student learn how to react to feelings such a pressure or stress in order to overcome and thrive.    


What are the benefits of emotional intelligence for students in a classroom setting?

 Emotionally intelligent students show success in directing attention, making good decisions, and having a desire to help others. Students and teachers have seen major results in academic achievement and in social gain.