Emotionally Preparing Students for Testing


Students often get preapred for testing in the sense of gaining skills and knowledge how to pass academiclally. What is missing is the emotional aspect. Students need to be trained and ready to handle the pressure in a healthy to be able to perform their very best. 



We, as teachers, need to be educated on emotion intelligence. Look here to find out more about how to train students to be emotionally intelligent and why it is so important. 


Best Practices for Preparing Emotionally

These resources will help teachers with practical ways to implement emotional training. We cannot just talk about helping our students deal with emotions, we have to put ideas into practice. Students need support and guidance in navigating these feeling especially in high pressure situations such as testing. 


Resources to aid Emotional Training 

Look here to find physical resources to use in a classroom. Teachers can reinforce what is taught using poster or other visual displays. There is also an example letter to send home to parents on what to do to prepare students for test day.  

Concrete Steps to Impliment

Educational professionals and school phycologist have put together a few strategies for students' benefit. There are two categories: teachers and parents. The experts have given both sets of people tips and instructions for emotionally preparing students to test their best.



It is important to put what we have learned into real life situations. The interviews conducted were done with real students who take tests in schools and reveals how they feel about testing. We also hear from a mom of 3 kids in school and her take on test preparation.