Issue Addressed: 


Oftentimes, students have difficulty transitioning smoothly and successfully from one grade to another, especially from elementary school into middle school and from middle school into high school. As college students now, we’d also like to address students’ difficulty with transitioning into college or a career. As teachers, it is our responsibility to help smooth these transitions and to prepare our students to the best of our ability for a college and/or career path while avoiding the potential areas of concern explained and resolved below as guided by extensive research of examples and solutions.
Areas of Concern:
·    The high school dropout rate throughout the country has been increasing throughout the year. This link discusses this concern and possible solutions to counteract it.

·    When students are starting middle or high school they begin to feel the pressure of fitting into the right group, finding friends, and eventually dating. This may lead to students feeling anxious and possibly being bullied.
·    Students have to adjust to new and different types of classes and homework. This mixed with the social effects may cause them to suffer academically. This link provides more information and examples on how to prevent students from suffering academically.