Social Studies Resources and Applications Through Technology

  •  This page will provide a collection of technologies, games, apps, and resources to supplement the teaching of Social Studies. It also shows why history can apply to modern ideas and principles and how these technologies and resources can help show that connection. 

Problems Students have with Social Studies

  • Why students feel Social Studies is not important to learn and solutions teachers can use to counter this assumption.

Concept Map Links

  • Concept map resources to be used for students to grasp different social principles. Good resources for teaching connections of past and present.

Social Studies Videos

  • Videos are a great tool for teachers to use in Social Studies to get a visual experience of an event or concept across to their students.

Social Studies Apps

  • With mobile technology becoming more and more a part of everyday life, the use of "Apps" can help hold a students attention while also supplementing their classroom learning.

Social Studies Games 

  • Children love games and teachers can use these games to help keep their students attention while also demonstrating history and helping students experience events instead of just reading about them.

How does it all connect?

  • This section will explain how these games, apps, and videos can help students make connections for history to modern life.

Extra Social Studies Resources

  • Other resources that can further help hold students attention while also helping them learn and grow.