Technology Integration


As educators, we must carefully consider the practices that we use and be sure that they are research-based and relevant. The following articles discuss why technology and content integration are so important to the early childhood curriculum

Lift the Cell Phone Ban

An article about why cell phones should be used in schools to enhance learning rather than be banned from the classroom. The article discusses incorporating cell phones in to the classroom, ways it can be done, and some of the benefits of doing so. There are suggestions on how they can be used as a learning tool and an overview of how some students and parents felt about cell phone usage in the classroom. It goes on to discuss the research and documentation one teacher did as a way to prove the effectiveness of cell phone usage in his classroom

Lesson Ideas

Grade Level Matrix

This website features several videos of teachers integrating technology into their classes, along with their lesson plans. Videos are divided by grade bands (K-2, 3-5, etc) and topic

Math and Science Integration

An innovative project that emphasizes the use of technology to deliver the Tennessee science and math curriculum for grades K-9", includes classroom resources, teacher tools, and sample curriculum

Summary of Technology Integration Strategies for Science

A website that includes sample resources and activities for integrating technology into the science classroom


Differentiating Instruction

This website focuses on differentiating instruction by enhancing learning with technology

Using Technology to Differentiate Instruction

Another website that targets using technology to differentiate instruction

Multimedia Reference Library

A multimedia reference library that includes online archives, games and websites, podcasts and music, articles, and videos to enhance learning

App Guide

This website provides reviews and ratings for iPhone and iPod apps, and includes a category focused on educational apps

Top 50 iPhone Apps for Educators

A list of the top 50 apps for educators

iLearn: Learning Made Mobile

"An ezine about Macs in education" Includes free apps, lesson plans, and tutorials

An iPod in Your Classroom Toolbox

A presentation on how the iPod can be used in the classroom

Education + iPod

An extensive collection of resources, concepts, and articles on using technology in the classroom, including iPod touch, kindle, bluetooth, ebooks, games, and more

Online Interactive Simulations

Several links to online interactive simulations, as well as a link to video games that can be used for social studies


This student-friendly website "facilitates electronic mentoring relationships between professional adults and students worldwide".

How Stuff Works

This student-friendly website is a great resource for students to explore science- it provides interactive explanations of how things work.

Lemonade Tycoon App

An iPod or iPhone app that provides an economics lesson as a game

Literacy Apps for Students, Parents, and Educators

A comprehensive list of apps in seven different categories that support children's literacy.