Teacher-Teacher Conflict

  • Sources of conflict


  • Differing values
  • Opposing interests
  • Personality conflcits
  • Poor communication
  • Personal Problems     



  • Strategies to resolve conflict
    • Administrators should encourage employees to be respectful and tolerable of differing views.
    • Remind teachesr they are part of a team, and hold team building activities to unite the staff.
    • Use clear, concise, accurate, and timely communication with fellow teachers and administrators.
    • Administrators should define a clear delegation of authority.
    • Work to prevent conflict by intervening in situtation before it develops into a conflict.
    • Pick your battles.
    • Use conflict as a learning opportunity for team building and leadership development.



  • Resources
    •  There are many useful videos that can be found on the internet as a resource when dealing with conflicts with co-workers. here are few examples:
    • Start a commitee in your school that deals with conflict resolution. Request that adminstrators hold seminars and workshops to create a community of teachers in the school district. Here are some companies that offer seminars and worshops:
    • There are many useful books available to improve conflict resolution with teachers and administrators
      • Conflict Resolution in School; A Manual for Educators by: Kathryn Girad and Susan Koch
      • Winning By Jack Welch










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