Integration of Vocational Schools In the High School Curriculum

Integration of Vocational Schools In the High School Curriculum

For as far back as history goes, students have entered the working world under the wing of an experienced mentor, learning to do by doing. In modern times, however, students are being programed to stay away from vocational schools, while being pushed towards  a college education. It is believed by many, that education in the traditional form of a college degree is the only path to success in today’s world, but this is not always the case.

In order to further explore this topic, we have looked into the history, myths, local structure, and foreign models surrounding vocational schools. The model of college as necessity is not for everyone; many students who attend vocational schools are just as successful as their college prep counterparts. Students who feel traditional education is not for them should be offered  the opportunity to explore , and in order for that to work, teachers must be aware of the options available to their students.



In orer to fully understand why Vocational schools are so important we need to delve into its history and see how American Vocational schooling came about. 



Vocational Truths

When one hears the word vocational/trade school many thoughts come to mind, and a lot of them are negative. This page is dedicated to debunking the myths of the trade school.  

Here we will take a look at one of Butler County's technical schools, Butler Tech, and how they work closely with the high schools in the county. 
On this page we will look at the German vocational model, and see how we can use it to imspire change in our own vocational system.