Additional Information and Resources

Here are a few resources and organizations oriented towards supporting students with disabilities.
Airasian, Peter W. Classroom Assessment. McGraw Hill Publishing, Boston, 2005
  • The ADDA focuses especially on the needs of AD/HD adults and young adults. This site is packed with articles, personal stories, interviews with AD/HD professionals, book reviews, and links to other AD/HD-related sites.
  • The website includes practical tips for managing attention deficit children in the classroom.
  • The CEC gives teachers support for teaching students with special needs.
  • The LDA provides information, support, education, and resources through its network of nearly 300 state and local affiliates in 50 states and Puerto Rico. The LDA promotes advocacy, education, and research into the causes of learning disabilities.
  • This information website includes FAQs, information and communication, and teaching strategies to help broaden your awareness and experience of the language and world of your student who is hard of hearing or deaf.
  • This site contains easy-to-search information under several categories, such as "Learning Disabilities", "Inclusion Resources" and many others.