Implementation of Social Media in the Classroom

 Implementing Social Media in the Classroom


Technology and Social media is a great way to gain a student’s interests in course content. This page has information regarding how teachers can help their students use social media in and out of the classroom to enhance their learning experience in a way that everyone can appreciate. However, it is important to make sure teachers explain to students how to use their time on social media wisely and effectively as to make sure students are not using an unnecessary amount of time performing tasks. It is also important to teach safety when using social media in the classroom to avoid bullying and negative psychological effects.

In his theory of knowledge, Greek philosopher  Aristotle,  emphasized  the need to use some form of entertainment during the process of giving lessons.

What does that mean for us teachers? Find ways to make student learning fun!  We can use social media as a tool to help us do do this.


 Here are 50 techology tools to implement in classroom. These can helps teachers connect with students, parents and other teachers to help improve the classroom.

50 Tools

For an awesome infographic about how social media is already being used in schools click here




But beware, make sure to teach students how to use their time on social media sites effectively.


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Study Habits


Social media affects college students as well! For information about how college students are effected, desain interior rumah, including bullying, connection, activism and curriculum developement, click here.

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